2023 MAI - Giddings, TX - Flight A

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series86715852No.
1Midwest's Whistlin Down The River MH QA2 (River), YLFTravis Echelberry, Mike EchelberryMike EchelberryPPPf1
2HRCH Lugo's Sweet and Sassy Magpie MH16 (Maggie), YLFLouis Lugo, Jennifer Lugo Louis LugoSSSSSS2
3 GRHRCH UH CaliCreek's Shotgun Rider MH (Rider), BLM Sarah Willett Sarah WillettPPPPPF3
4 Kilner Bay's Jazper MH (Jazper), BLM Richard Adams Richard AdamsPPPPPP4
5 Wynwood's Walk This Way MH16 (Aero), GRMJudith Jennings, Donald JenningsJudith JenningsPPPPPP5
6 HRCH Maverick Bakbay with a Touch of Mocha Collum MH16 (Maverick), YLMMichael CollumMichael CollumPPPPPP6
7 Crescent Moon's Holly Jolly Mistletoe MH (Missy), CBFDavid Outhouse, Dawn OuthouseDavid OuthousePPPPPF7
8 Fern Hill Panda's Sunday Best ** MH WCX (Violet), GRFBruce HayesBruce HayesPPPPPP8
9 Pacific Expresso Hui Nalu’s Cuthbert MH (Bert), CLMMichael O'Bannon, DEBRA CHUNMichael O'BannonPPPPPP9
10 IntCh Harmony Mtn Phoenix to Pacific Beach UDX TD JH MH SH RATN DN (Yaki), PFConnie KaplanConnie KaplanPF10
11 GRHRCH UH CG's Enjoying The Journey MH MAR (Meares), YLFGarry StephensGarry StephensSSSSSS11
12 Thunderstruck It's a Long Way to the Top MH WCX QA2 (Angus), GRMTodd Otterness, Benita OtternessTodd Otterness, Benita OtternessF12
13HRCH UH Believe's Rev N Up For Adventure MH (Quest), NSDTRMMary de LamerensMary de LamerensPPPPF13
14 Crown Hill Ayla MH MAR QA2 (Ayla), BLFDan MyersDan MyersPPPPPP14
15HRCH Sliding Creeks Total Eclipse MH (Clip), CLFCeleste NaumanCeleste NaumanPPPPPP15
16Deep Run Black Diamond CD MH (Glitter), BLFSharon Scharff-VenturaSharon Scharff-VenturaPPPPPP16
17GRHRCH UH Pops Blazin The Trail Andy MH MAH MNR (Andy), BLMWilson "Boogie" LeJeune JrWilson "Boogie" LeJeune JrPPF17
18Bravhart KC Run for the Border MH QA2 (Jessie), GRMKaye FullerKaye FullerPPPPPP18
19Running Back's Texan Chica JH MH SH (Chica), BLFRichard FarleighRichard FarleighPPF19
20Goodtime Diamond Lil MH (Icey), BLFElaine GoodnerElaine GoodnerPF20
21 Code 3 Road Dog MH (Trooper), BLMAnalee McGinnis, Paul McGinnisAnalee McGinnisPPPPPP21
22 HRCH Dry Pond's White Lightning Brew MH (Hooch), CLMBeth JohnesBeth JohnesPF22
23Topbrass Travelin' Man CD MH30 WCX (Seger), GRMJudith Jennings, Donald JenningsJudith JenningsF23
24 Bayou Legacy Duck Duck Goose MH (Goose), YLMJohn JamesJohn JamesPF24
25 Thunderstruck Hells Bells *** MH (Blaze), GRFBenita Otterness, Todd OtternessBenita OtternessPPPPPP25
26 Borderline's No Pick MH MAH (Pick), BLFSallie SullivanGloria NusbickelPPPPPP26
27Beechglenns Coastline MH MH32 MH39 (Bay), BLFJulie OvenJulie OvenPPPF27
28 HRCH Best I Can Be MH (Foxxy), BLFSarah WillettSarah WillettPF28
29 Wild West Posse Point Man MH (Wyatt), YLMAnnette Pacheco, Robert PachecoAnnette PachecoPPPPPP29
30HRCH Orion's Filmmaker MH40 MAH (Gus), YLMKate Macartney, Cindy TulpaCindy TulpaPPPPPP30
31Yellow Rose Just Here For A Good Time QAA MH (Luke), BLMKay ScottKay ScottPPPPPP31
32 Cedar Springs Jolene Jolene MH (Jolene), BLFEmmy LancasterEmmy LancasterPPPPPP32
33 Salt Marsh Tiger Rose MH125 MH HTHF MAR MNH (Abby), GRFDavid Boothman, Elaine BoothmanDavid BoothmanPPPPF33
34 Brassfire's Cowboy Casanova CDX MH WCX (Maverick), GRMBeth GerdesBeth GerdesPPPPPP34
35 Hui Nalu’s Regal Irish Coffee MH (Ilelani), CLFDEBRA CHUN, Michael O'BannonDEBRA CHUNF35
36 CH She's Eastbound and Down MH (Bayne), CBFTiffany McGhinTiffany McGhinPF36
37 DND Dances With Fire UDX MH NA MAR (Fire), GRFDora Heffelfinger, Don HeffelfingerDora HeffelfingerPPF37
38Dogleg's Bobo in Earnest MH (Ernie), BLMGloria Nusbickel, Fred NusbickelGloria NusbickelF38
39 Awrey’s Guns A Blazin ** MH WCX (Dylan), GRMChris HempelChris HempelPPPPF39
40 Manitou Reaching 4 the Stars MH (Reacher), NSDTRMKathy GibsonKathy GibsonPPPPPF40
41Pheasant's Ridge Code Breaker Stormy MH (Stormy), BLMDavid TiltonDavid TiltonPPPPPP41
42 Marks A Lot @ Beaver Ridge its a 3 hour tour Marya MH (Minnow), CBFTiffany McGhin, Christene MorathTiffany McGhinPPF42
43 Fern Hill Panda's Sunday Player MH WCX (Chi), GRMBruce HayesBruce HayesPPF43
44Hawley's Change In Fortune MH (Lucky), BLFBrian HawleyBrian HawleyPPF44
45 HRCH Gunsmith's Little Miss Sure Shot MH30 (Annie), BLFChristine Nagy, Ronald NagyChristine NagyPPPPPP45
46Quillquest An Agile Achiever MH WC WCX (Cheif), FCFGillian Impey, Mary SmithGillian ImpeyPPPF46
47Dogleg’s Empty Wallet MH (Wally), BLMFred &Gloria NusbickelGloria NusbickelPF47
48CH GRHRCH Lugo's I'd Rather Be A Benelli MH (Remington), YLMJennifer Lugo, Louis LugoJennifer LugoSSSSSS48
49Romeo's Dynamic Award MH (Emmy), YLFWendi MattinenWendi MattinenPPPPPP49
50Westbrook's South Texas Whirlwind MH16 MNR (Windy), BLFRex WestbrookRex WestbrookPPPF50
51Dogleg's Hip Pip "n Pray MH (Pip), BLFFred & Gloria NusbickelFred NusbickelPPF51
52Kate's River Mark MH (River), BLFKate PierceJohn PierceSSSSSS52
53 HRCH Thunderstruck Little Creek Eagle MH14 WCX (Eagel), GRMKen DamronKen DamronPPPPPP53
54Living The Dream Grace MH (Grace), BLFRandy MortonRandy MortonPPPPPF54
55 JT's Double Trouble Alter Ego MNH4 MAH5 QA2 (Neo), BLMJace Tramontin, Denise TramontinJace TramontinPPPPPP55
56 Sdk Where I Come From MH (River), BLMTimothy BurkeMarc BurkePPPPPP56
57 Bayou Teche Geaux Undefeated MH MNR QA2 (Layla), YLFCharles DoddCharles DoddPPF57
58 CH Twin Oaks Star Hunter MH (Preacher), CBMTiffany McGhinTiffany McGhinPPPPPF58
59 DND Blazing Fire No Kidding CD MH12 (Blaze), GRFDora HeffelfingerDora HeffelfingerPPPF59
60HRCH Spice's Zen Master Kaizen MH MNH (Kaizen), YLMRob SomersMichael AkeroydPPF60
61 CH HRCH Cedar Fog's Wicked Magic CD RA MH WCX (Tatum), NSDTRMEmily Pegues, Amanda KaiserEmily PeguesF61
62 Kanati Play Into the Wind 4 Briargln MH (Zephyr), YLFKim LivingstonKim LivingstonPPPPPF62
63 HRCH UH Stouts Creek Duke Of Dux MH (Luke), CLMCory JayroeCory JayroePPPPPP63
64 Dogleg’s Above & Beyond MH (Roady), BLMFred Nusbickel, Gloria NusbickelFred NusbickelPPPPPP64
65 Marks A Lot Straight Up And Dirty MH (Stinky), CBMJames McGhinRyan McGhinPF65
66 Beantown's Harvard Scholar MH (Ivy), YLFJohn DawberJohn DawberPPPPPP66
67Surefire Kelakye's Kiss This MH (Rebel), GRFBeth GerdesBeth GerdesPPPPPP67
68HRCH Johnsons Gin and Juice MH (Juice), BLMDustin JohnsonDustin JohnsonPPPPPP68
69 Blue Ford's Tricked-out Hot Black Java MH (Java), BLFRhonda ReedRhonda ReedPPF69
70GMH NMH Baypoint's TNT I'm Dynamite MH20 WCX QFTR (T), BLFWalter VesseyWalter VesseyPPPPPP70
71 Sterre All Terrain ** CDX MH (Tuffy), GRMKathy GuerraKathy GuerraF71
72Caddo’s Unfinished Business MH (Quincy), BLFScotty FordScotty FordSSSSSS72
73 GCH CH Quillquest Ardua Ad Astra MH WCX (Kenley), FCFMary Smith, Gillian ImpeyMary SmithPF73
74Salt Marsh Penny Red MH53 MNR (Penny), GRFDavid Boothman, Elaine BoothmanDavid BoothmanPPPPPP74
75 HRCH 4X-GMPR Kenai's Copper River Otter MH (River), YLFChris WrayChris WrayPPPPF75
76Malagold Solitaire 8 Days A Week CDX MH CCA (Friday), GRFKaren deCordovaKaren deCordovaPPPPF76
77HRCH JR'S Kate Be Straight MH (Kate), BLFJoe RodgersJoe RodgersPPPPPP77
78 Borderline's Miss Independence MH (Indy), BLFSallie SullivanGloria NusbickelPPPPF78
79Hathaway's Duck Filled Marsh MH (Suqee Dunk), BLFBrian HawleyBrian HawleyPPF79
80Beechglenns St. Teresa MH54 MAH3 (Resa), YLFJulie OvenJulie OvenSSSSSS80
81Hooklakes Dva MH (Dva), CLFDale BuskeDale BuskePPF81
82HRCH San Antonio's Rye in the Sazerac MH (Rye), YLFDavid GayDavid GayPPPPF82
833X GRHRCH Telluride High Sierra PCD BN MH MNR (Bogart), BLMCatherine BlackburnCatherine BlackburnPPPPF83
84HRCH UH Miss Lily's Eyes On The Prize MH (Lily), BLFGarry StephensGarry StephensSSSSSS84
85Warren-Hill's Celtic Troubadour MH (Torey), BLMPeggy KnowlesPeggy KnowlesPPPPPP85
86High Points Asterion Flint Stone MH30 MNH (Stone), YLMCindy Tulpa, Sharon Talley, DVMCindy TulpaPPPPPP86
87Spice's Red Headed Stranger MH (Willie), YLMMichael AkeroydMichael AkeroydPPPPPP87
88 Watermark's Rock N Roll Girl Tina MH MNR (Tina), BLFCharles Dodd, Betina DoddCharles DoddPPPPPP88
89CH UH Shore Breakers Splash of Lily MH33 (Lily), CBFTed GentryTed GentryPPPF89
90Stoeger Waterfowl Collector MH CGC WDQ (Stoeger), CBMTimothy KlineTimothy KlinePPF90
91Lone Willow's One Hex of a Gal MH (Bitsy), BLFCorey MondelloCorey MondelloPPPPF91
92 HRCH Rock Creek Midwests Indy MH (Indy), CLFJacob WonderlichJacob WonderlichPPPPF92
93Hui Nalu's Royal Flush With A Joker MH NA NF QA2 (Ali'i), CLFDEBRA CHUN, Michael O'BannonDEBRA CHUN, Michael O'BannonPPPPPP93