2023 MAI - Giddings, TX - Flight B

Summary of Callbacks and Drops by Series

S: Scratch P: Pass - F: Fail - Q: Qualified


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No.Dog Name - Breed - SexOwner(s)No. Dogs Starting Series9378No.
1 Turner's Water Cannon MH MNR (Cannon), CLMNancy BauerJames BauerPPPPPP1
2HRCH Wynwood's Storm Warning ** MH35 (Clipper), GRMJohn McKellopJohn McKellopPPPPPP2
3Jet Luna Mogle MH (Jet), BLFMicah MogleMicah MoglePPPPPF3
4HRCH UH Cheerio's Rowdy James T Rascal MH SHU (Rowdy), GRMAnne MillaneAnne MillanePPPPPF4
5 Harpers Kick it on Back MH MH42 MNR (Kicker), YLMJoseph HarperJoseph HarperPPPPPP5
6 Stellar's Out of the Blue Rendezvous MH MNH4 MAH (Tryst), BLFDede Paterson, Wayne PatersonWayne PatersonPPPPPP6
7Thunder's Problem Child Is About To Rock MH (Roxy), BLFGregory Joy, Jennifer MurrayGregory JoyPPPPPP7
8Bass's Riverboat Outlaw MH (Josey), BLMTimothy Bass, Nancy BassTimothy BassPPF8
9Martha of Beanshill MH (Martha), CLFDon ChamberlainDon ChamberlainPPPPPP9
10 Rainwaters Isaac MH (Ike), BLMLarry Heil, Helen HeilLarry HeilPPPPPP10
11HRCH Tanbark's Lambeau Leap MH WCX (Jordy), GRMBrittne HouchinBrittne HouchinPPF11
12Tennessee Cinnamon Fireball MH (Cin), BLFAlan BruhinAlan BruhinPPPPPP12
13Remington Sure Shot of Kinnaman's Joplin MH MAR (Remi), BLFDave MarkhamDave MarkhamPPPPPP13
14Reedcreek's Prime Cut *** MH (Cutter), BLMAnn HussaAnn HussaPPPF14
15HRCH Healmark's Finding Dory Adorable MH (Dory), BLFShawn KimberlyShawn KimberlyPF15
16HRCH Topgun Sweet Little Madness MH (Maddie), CLFWilliam WollWilliam WollPPPPPP16
17 SHR Woods Edge Ottomatic Overdrive MH (Otto), YLMBetsy Fritz, Greg FritzBetsy FritzPPPF17
18Pemberley's Rime Time MH MAH (Rime), GRFLinda Bunkfeldt PoppLinda Bunkfeldt PoppPPPPPP18
19Will-Power's Handsome Tucker MH (Tucker), YLMNolan WadlandNolan WadlandPPPPPP19
20 South Fork’s Black is the New Yellow MH (Emmy), BLFDavid CoffeyDavid CoffeyPPPPPP20
21 RanMar's North Bound Train MH (Tripp), BLFDianne ClarkDianne ClarkPPPPPP21
22Still Waters Run Deep by Rivers Edge RN MH CGC (Riley), BLFKimberly FrederickMark FrederickPPPPPP22
23Bass's Riverboat Gamble MH (G), BLFTimothy Bass, Nancy BassTimothy BassPF23
24 Smitty's Sophie Wants A Trophy MH (Sophie), CLFGregg Smith, Wendy SmithGregg SmithPPPPPP24
25 HRCH UH SkyRiver's Semper Chance of Wildhorn MH (Chance), GRMKathy Winch, Keith WinchKathy WinchPPPPPP25
26Watermarks N Candlewoods Doc Holliday at Rockin X MH16 (Doc), BLMAlice XanderAlice XanderPPPF26
27Grady's Elite LCP Gunship Maverick MH (Maverick), BLMKarin Parker, Jeffrey ParkerKarin ParkerSSSSSS27
28Castile Creeks Under Pressure MH MAH MNR (Gauge), BLMCharles PughCharles PughPPPPPP28
29Indigo's Three Bars MH (Tripp), BLMRobert MontlerRobert MontlerF29
30 HRCH UH Woods Edge I Did It My Way MH30 MAR (Frank), YLMBetsy Fritz, Greg FritzBetsy FritzPPPPPP30
31Baycreeks Twice The Caffeine MH (Jolt), BLMKelsiTothKelsi TothPPPPPP31
32 HRCH Psalm 16:8 MH DS (Genesis), BLFAlana Curry, Kelly CurryKevin McGinnis/Kelly CurryPPPPPF32
33 Bass's Riverboat Just Had To Keep Her MH (Keeper), BLFTimothy Bass, Nancy BassTimothy BassPPPPPP33
34River's Run Wild Black Cloud MH (Stormy), BLFJames Windham, Juliann WINDHAMJames WindhamPPPF34
35HRCH Ruff Rivers Crown Reserve MH MNH (Rocks), BLMJeff BundyJeff BundyPPPPPP35
36Duxbury Smoke Jumper MH MH49 MAR MHU (Smoke), PMJack Combs, Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsPPPPPF36
37TiTon's Big Star of Fidelis MH (Caleb), BLMTimothy WilliamsTimothy WilliamsPPPPPP37
38Neu's Dark Side of The Moon MH MAR (Floyd), BLMJeff NeumannJeff NeumannPPPPPP38
39Deepwoods Round Trip Ticket MH (Trip), BLMNancy NeipertNancy Neipert/Bob NeipertF39
40HRCH Romans 12:12 MH (Selah), YLFKelly Curry, Alana Curry, Kevin McGinnisKevin McGinnisPPPF40
41Old Towns Belle Of The Ball Lucy MH24 (Lucy), BLFWilliam Braungard, Sarah AmosWilliam BraungardPPPPPP41
42 Smoking Gun's Sweet Reward MH (Treat), BLFJeff WarrenJeff WarrenPPPPPP42
43Kawohni Moon's Will-o'-the-Wisp MH (Willow), YLFPaul SmithPaul SmithF43
44Stellar’s Don’t Rock The Jukebox MH MNH4 MAH4 (Jones), BLMDede PatersonDede PatersonPPPPPP44
45Mad River's Little Star Chencho MH (Chencho), BLMTimothy WilliamsTimothy WilliamsPF45
46Bass's Riverboat It's Only Money MH (Cash), BLMTimothy Bass, Nancy BassTimothy BassF46
47K-Jo’s A Coat Of Many Colors MH (Raggs), YLFRobert MontlerRobert MontlerPPPPPF47
48MiJan's Great Danish SonOfaGun MH (Jim), BLMMike Woodbury, Janice WoodburyMike WoodburyPPPPPP48
49High Velocity Arrow XT MH MAH MNH (Dash), YLMKeith KiesowKeith KiesowPPPPPP49
50Watermarks Hidden Treasure MH (Pearl), BLFWayne Paterson, Dede PatersonWayne PatersonF50
51Old Town's Sweet Baby Jane MH (Jeni), BLFWilliam Braungard, Sarah AmosWilliam Braungard, Sarah AmosPPPPPP51
52HRCH Miss Sally M&T's Pettaquamscut River Queen MH25 MAR (Sally), CLFLarry BlasbalgLarry BlasbalgPPPF52
53Quarry Run's Rock of Ages RN MH MAH WC (Roxy), BLFKimberly Frederick, Mark FrederickMark FrederickPPPPPP53
54Daybreaks Caleb Good Report MH (Caleb), YLMBill LandauBill LandauPPPPPP54
55Chosen Spot’s Splash Of Tequila MH (Splash), BLMNorma Wilcox, Dennis WilcoxDennis WilcoxPPF55
56Deepwoods Charlie Hustle MH (Pete), BLMNancy Neipert, Bob NeipertBob NeipertPF56
57Dynamite's Switch Hitters Shady Lady MH (Rose), YLFDede PatersonDede PatersonPPPPPP57
58HRCH UH Topgun Have A Little Faith MH MNR (Faith), BLFWilliam WollWilliam WollPPPPPP58
59Rader’s Charley Belle MH (Charley), YLFJeff RaderJeff RaderPPPPPP59
60Cacciatrice Mac MH (Cassie), YLFKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnisPPPPPP60
61Rattlin Ridge's Willin o Ranmar MH MNH (Alice), BLFRandy ClarkRandy ClarkPPPPPP61
62Black Blizzard Nexrad MH (Radar), YLMMike HeardMike HeardPPPPPF62
63Hope Lock's Rodeo Rider MH MAH (Rody), YLMMissy LemoiMissy LemoiF63
64Vintage Positively Charged TDX MH15 WCX (Ion), GRFDouglas McGuire, Anne McGuireDouglas McGuireF64
65 Midways Machismo MH (Macho), BLMCharles PughCharles PughPPPPPP65
66Duxbury My Ten Cents MH MH45 SHU MNR (Dime), PFJack Combs, Mia DiBenedettoJack CombsPPPPPF66
67GRHRCH SRSAC Murphy's Sugarbritches Radley MH50 MNH4 MAH4 (Radley), BLFDavid MurphyDavid MurphyPPPPPP67
68Pink Lady Bandit MH (Pink), BLFDave MarkhamDave MarkhamPPF68
69Cazador JS Mac MH MAH (Caza), BLMKevin McGinnisKevin McGinnisPPPPPF69
70HRCH Hidden Springs Diamond Rio MH (Rio), BLFStephanie KlepelStephanie KlepelPPPPPP70
71HRCH TTF Burdman's Cooper MH (Cooper), BLMJacob BurdenJacob BurdenPPPPPP71
72Chosen Spot's Black Ice Warning MH (Ice), BLM Dennis Wilcox, Norma Wilcox Dennis WilcoxPPPPPP72
73J & J's USMC General Walt MH (Walt), GRMJames WindhamJames WindhamPPPPPP73
74OTCH3 Traveler's 'Bout-that-Bird, 'Bout-that-Bird UDX6 MH14 OGM (Tre), YLMAnn HussaAnn HussaPPPPPP74
75Livin' At The Waters Edge MH (Eve), BLFJane SullivanJane SullivanPPPPPP75
76Harper's Itchin To Hunt MH MH60 MAH MNH (Hitch), BLMJoseph HarperJoseph HarperSSSSSS76
77HR Snowy Ridge Montana's Copper Treasure MH WCX (Quinn), GRFDennis LaTulipDennis LaTulipPPF77
78 HRCH Heads Up Larger Than Life MH WCX (Yukon), GRMDiane GlassmeyerDiane GlassmeyerPPPPPP78
79KC's General "Mad Dog" USMC MH (Mattis), GRMEd Sullivan, Jane SullivanEd SullivanF79
80 Wisdoms Companion MH (Patience), BLFDede Paterson, Wayne PatersonWayne PatersonPPPPPF80
81Waltzing Matilda of Beanshill MH (Tilly), CLFDonald ChamberlainDonald ChamberlainPPF81
82Wildwing She's Got Rhythm MH (Cha Cha), GRFSionag BlackSionag BlackPPPPPP82
83Juice Induced MH (Colt), BLMDavid MurphyDavid MurphyPPPF83
84HRCH Murray's Ghadar Loirg Gump's Jenny MH (Jenny), CLFAlana Curry, Kevin McGinnis, Kelly CurryKevin McGinnisPPPPPP84
85Marsh-Mutt's Uptown Abby MH (Abby), YLFWade JamesWade JamesPPPF85
86HRCH Havin A Flippin Good Time MH (Flip), BLMDoug DuncanDoug DuncanPPPF86
87HRCH Snowy Ridge Montana's Amazing Grace MH16 WCX (Grace), GRFDennis LaTulipDennis LaTulipPPPPPF87
88Brassfire's Its5oclocksomewhere ** MH CCA WCX (Tipsy), GRFChris BraswellChris BraswellPPPPPP88
89K-Jo's Swing For The Fence MH35 MAH (Homie), BLMRobert MontlerRobert MontlerPPPPPP89
90PJ's Riverboat Queen MH MNH6 MAR (Q), BLFTimothy BassTimothy BassPPPPPP90
91 Drakes Bay's Outlaw MH QA2 (Jesse), BLMRick Wilke, Mike AlffMike AlffPF91
92Erin's Surprise All Maxxed Out MH MH25 MNR (Mia), BLFJoseph HarperJoseph HarperPPPPPF92
93High Velocity's Pick of The Litter MH (Cody), YLMTimothy Callan, Keith KiesowKeith KiesowPPPPPP93
94HRCH Lucinda’s Rock’in Midnight Eve MH (Lucie), BLFShawn KimberlyShawn KimberlyF94
95Swanny-Rio Watersedge Tear Down This Wall MH (Berlin), GRMLaura Weinmann, Matthew WeinmannLaura WeinmannPF95